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Controller Operation:

The HO ALL Pro is an HO Scale electronic controller featuring all the basics of the Pro Series controllers.   It is intended for use with All HO cars.   It features:


  • 3 Range Adjustable Sensitivity
    • A 3 position switch offers three different ranges to maximize the Sensitivity adjustment.   The Middle switch position is intended for most HO cars.   It provides a range that is good for some Tjets through most SS magnet cars.   The Low (T) setting (T-Jets) can be used to lower the Sensitivity range down for Tjets, DASH, Johnny Lightning, Auto World and some AFX/MT cars.   When running hot magnet cars and 12V gravity cars the High (M) setting (Magnet Cars) can be used.


  • Adjustable Brakes
    • A 100 ohm brake pot provides the best braking range for HO racing.


  • Adjustable Coast
    • Coast is now set slower than the previous version.   This new range provides better slow speed control where only a small amount of power is applied to the car.   This amount of power start way below what is required to start a car moving or even keep it moving but it works well in providing just enough extra roll to counteracts strong magnetic downforce on magnet cars.   Since the Coast design is not resistor-based it does not use the Coast pot to dissipate heat.   All heat is contained inside the controller where it is safe to handle.   All 3 Pots on the ALL Pro ELITE will remain cool at all times (Assuming proper track connection).
    • This unique design allows the Coast and Sensitivity to be independent of each other.  Set the Coast and then set the Sensitivity WITHOUT having to go back and readjust the Coast.
    • The RED Brake wire does not have to be connected for Coast to function.


  • Adjustable Choke
    • Flattens out the response of the controller.  This allows the entire range of the trigger to be used in controlling the car vice just a small portion.  Choke basically reduces the max voltage of the trigger pull right before the trigger reaches the Full Power post.   The Choke is fully bypassed at the full trigger pull depending on the Full Power Kill Switch position.   The RED Brake wire does not have to be connected for Choke to function.



  • Full Power Kill Switch
    • With the switch in the Kill position, the Full Power post is not powered.   Full Power will be set to the Choked value.   If the Choke setting is at Min, the output voltage at full pull will be about 1-1.5V below track voltage.   Increasing the Choke will reduce that power further.   This is useful when running cars too sensitive for full track voltage ie. Brass Cars.   It is also useful for lowering the power for new drivers.   In the Full Power position, full track voltage is available at full trigger pull.   There is no indicator to distinguish each position since the power running any LED would act as Coast power when the trigger is released.   With a car on the track it is easy to test if the car increases speed when reaching the Full Power trigger position.   The switch is well tucked in.   Once set it will stay and does not need to be checked during use.


  • Replaceable Wiper Board – The Wiper Board is mounted with screws and can easily be replaced due to wear or damage.




  • Sensitivity Selector Switch
    • With the switch in the (T) position the Sensitivity knobs adjusts the lowest Sensitivity Range.   With the switch in the (M) position the highest Sensitivity Range is selected.   With the switch in the center the middle and most useful range is selected.


  • Brake/-/Coast Selector Switch
    • With the Switch in the “B” position Brakes are selected.   In the “C” position Coast is selected.   With the Switch in the middle position neither Brakes nor Coast is selected.


  • Sensitivity Knob
    • Fully CCW is the lowest sensitivity for the slowest starting speed within the selected Sensitivity Range.  Fully CW is the highest sensitivity for the highest starting speed within the selected Sensitivity Range.


  • Choke Knob
    • Fully CCW provides the most choke, the flattest response.   Fully CW provides the lowest choke or normal linear response.


  • Brake/Coast Knob
    • With the B/-/C switch in the B position, Fully CW yields Maximum brakes, 0 ohms, while fully CCW yields Minimum brakes, 100 ohms.  Minimum Brakes still provides some braking.  To remove all braking from the controller the RED Brake wire needs to be removed.   With the switch in the C position, Fully CW yields the Minimum Coast.   Fully CCW yields the Maximum Coast.   With the switch in the middle position the knob has no effect.


  • Full Power Kill Switch
    • With the switch in the Kill position, the Full Power post is not powered.   Full Power will be set to the Choked value.   In the Full Power position, full track voltage is available at full trigger pull.

NOTE: It is not recommended to run high downforce cars at Max Choke in the Kill position.   The controller will get hotter faster than in the Full Power position.


OS3 Pro Series Controller Features:

All Pro Series controllers feature the following:


  • OS3 Handle
    • New Handle designed by OS3 to match the grip and feel of a Parma handle while allowing more internal room and a better mounting system.   The two sides grip together with a positive positioning system that makes assembly a snap.   No requirement to align the sides before tightening the screws or worrying about the sharp edges from a worn mold.   Available in 6 colors, Red, Blue, Yellow, Clear, Black and Purple.   Great for matching the standard lane colors of a 4 lane track.


  • OS3 Trigger
    • Super strong rounded edge Nylon trigger.   Similar in shape to the Parma trigger but a lot more comfortable on your finger.


  • Super Flexible Wire
    • Highly flexible silicon coated wires are used on all controller.   14ga for ALL Pros and 16ga for Lites.   They are available in many color options.


  • Compact Design
    • Transistor-in-the-Handle design allows the controller to be light and compact while also reducing the sharp edges and cumbersome weight associated with Transistor-on-the-Wires designs.


  • 1/8″ Thick Fiberglass Base (ALL Pro and ALL Pro Elite)
    • Provides Easy-to-Read Labeling and ample spacing between the knobs.   Curved for easy holding.


  • Pivot Rivet (HO ALL Pro and HO LIte)
    • Redesigned rivet removes the slop in the bushing and eliminates the need for bearings.   It also locks into the frame to prevent the trigger position from drifting.


  • Protected Circuitry
    • An external Mini Automotive fuse is included to protect track wiring and Power Supplies but is not necessary to protect the controller.   The fuse is conveniently tucked into the top of the controller where it can be easily checked, quickly replaced and not accidentally dislodged.   The electronic circuit board is twice as thick as others on the market and extremely robust.   This prevents a drop from cracking the circuit board and damaging the controller.   The All Pro switches are also positioned so that they can’t be inadvertently switched when laying the controller down.   The controller can be laid down anywhere without risk of having the circuitry contact the track and cause damage to the controller.


  • Nickel-Plated Board (HO ALL Pro and HO Lite)
    • 40 Bands for fine control.   Resists wear while providing consistent and corrosion free electrical contact.


  • Flexible Wiper Arm (HO ALL Pro and HO Lite)
    • Prevents the need for complicated and expensive hinges or bearings while performing the same function of maintaining a positive wiper surface contact with minimal pressure.


  • Aluminum Frame
    • Redesigned frame serves as a heatsink and houses all components reducing overall weight.

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