Discover The Bulldog: The Ultimate HO Racing Car by Bulldog HO Racing

Reliability and Innovation in HO Racing


Built to Last: The Nylatron Chassis


Enhanced Stability and Performance

Bulldog HO Racing didn’t stop there. They’ve also addressed a common issue in HO racing: pickup shoe stability. The Bulldog now includes pickup shoe bumpers to keep them securely in place, ensuring you can race without worrying about them flying off.


Smooth Acceleration and Compatibility

Additionally, improvements have been made to the motor support to enhance stability and provide smoother acceleration. The Bulldog is also compatible with older AFX bodies, allowing you to continue using your favourite designs.

The Bulldog: A Popular Choice Among Enthusiasts

Experience tells us that The Bulldog is reliable, high-quality, and easy to maintain. It has become a popular choice among HO racing enthusiasts at an affordable price. The Bulldog is truly a staple for HO racing fans worldwide.

An Exceptional Racing Experience for All

Whether you’re new to HO slot cars or a seasoned racer, The Bulldog offers an exceptional racing experience. With its impressive performance, durability, and ease of maintenance, it’s more than just a car – it’s a testament to the fun and excitement of HO racing.

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